John Lennon’s Birthday

Were he still alive, John Lennon would be 78 today. One often over-looked aspect of his life and work was his withering antagonism of the state. Many believe his criticism of “The Monster” to be the real reason Lennon was murdered. The article below was written 3 years ago, when Obama was still president. Predictably, back then, most “artists” openly advocated All-Things-Obama. This of course makes their “Resistance” to Trump laughable, as there is no meaningful difference between Trump and Obama in regards to each’s assaults on civil liberties. One point, neither side really cares about liberty or justice, as long as their “team” is in power. It’s power over principle. It’s up to the people to flip this paradigm on it’s head. “War is Over! (If you want it!)” indeed. From the article: “Essentially, whether they realize it or not, these artists have become part and parcel of the Monster. This is not only terrible for them and art and music in-general, it’s terrible for the entire nation, and the world.”

Happy 75th Birthday, John Lennon