A new REVIEW of “American Soul”

From “TUNEDLOUD!” 11/7/18 “Sometimes it feels like the fate of the world is hanging in a delicate balance, with far too few voices narrating sensible truths. Zama Rripa, however, is an artist built for these difficult times. A singer-songwriter styled poet with a roots rock heart, Zama is building an earnest career, one defined by

It’s time for decentralization. Not “revolution.”

Read the linked article below. Really, there is no “logic.” And it ain’t about the “republic” or “democracy.” It’s only, and always, about power. “That is the Progressives’ affirmation of superior worth, to be pursued by exercising dominance: superior identity affirmed via the inferior’s humiliation. It is an inherently endless pursuit… “This is our revolution:

Separation of Money and State

This is arguably the most important story to all of us. It’s certainly the most under-discussed. Despite all the noise and distractions and identity politics, etc., and all of our personal pet issues, one thing we all have in common is that we are NOT in control of our money. Love Trump, hate Trump, love

John Lennon’s Birthday

Were he still alive, John Lennon would be 78 today. One often over-looked aspect of his life and work was his withering antagonism of the state. Many believe his criticism of “The Monster” to be the real reason Lennon was murdered. The article below was written 3 years ago, when Obama was still president. Predictably,

“American Soul” Music Video

“American Soul” on iTunes and AppleMusic: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/american-soul/1436620594?i=1436620599 “This one was stolen by the Oligarchic-Plutocratic-Democratic-Republican-Globalist-Central-Planning-Big-Government-Socialist-Fascist-Keynesian-Warfare-Welfare-Bullies-in-DC championed by U2. We’re stealing it back.” What is “American Soul”? Freedom? If so, then how much Soul have Americans lost? And then, is all that lost American Soul not the source of the problems we see today? I say it is.

“Tenderly” Music Video

TENDERLY 7 whispers on the wind 7 wishes and deadly sins They’re selling fear from above It’s good to finally know what to be afraid of My love is true I got more sugar than you can use How does one come to fix a hole in the soul? She says “Tenderly, Tenderly” She does

This week, the 17th Anniversary of 9/11

So much has already been said, so I’ll keep it brief. Arguably, I think the best way to honor the 9/11 fallen is to address and end the policies which fostered 9/11 in the first place. This is the video for the song “Blowback.” From the video description: “The duty of a true patriot is

U.S. Freedom Index…

…how does it rank? “The land of the free? We may not be as free as we once were. The United States is falling in the ranking of the world’s most free economies. What contributed to this fall and what can we do?”