Ending the War in Yemen?

“Lawmakers said that concerns over Iran do not justify blindly supporting Saudi Arabia’s killing of civilians in Yemen.” Ya think? Whatever the case, keep the heat on your reps to end the War in Yemen.  “Outraged over Khashoggi’s murder, Senate votes to end U.S. support of Saudi Arabia in Yemen war.” Click HERE for the

Poverty in the U.S. Was Plummeting—Until Lyndon Johnson Declared War On It

“During the 20 years before the War on Poverty was funded, the portion of the nation living in poverty had dropped to 14.7% from 32.1%. Since 1966, the first year with a significant increase in antipoverty spending, the poverty rate reported by the Census Bureau has been virtually unchanged…Transfers targeted to low-income families increased in real

Russiagate — The Hoax

MUST WATCH. “Russiagate” must end, and those involved must be brought to justice. It’s arguably the biggest scandal in American history, and the Deep State itself is arguably the biggest threat facing Americans. Please take the time to watch this short clip, and try to find holes in the theory. This narrative seems to be

The Christian Challenge To Empire

Great article, with an incisive point on Jordan Peterson (just think what America would be like if more “Christians” acted like Christ): “The left is crushing Jordan Peterson – at least trying to. The reasons why are easy to understand – there is no universal political order without crushing culture and tradition, and the one

Stop The War In Yemen

85,000 children under 5 may have died of starvation in Yemen war “Children who die in this way suffer immensely as their vital organ functions slow down and eventually stop. Their immune systems are so weak they are more prone to infections, with some too frail to even cry,” Kirolas said. “Parents are having to

A new REVIEW of “American Soul”

From “TUNEDLOUD!” 11/7/18 “Sometimes it feels like the fate of the world is hanging in a delicate balance, with far too few voices narrating sensible truths. Zama Rripa, however, is an artist built for these difficult times. A singer-songwriter styled poet with a roots rock heart, Zama is building an earnest career, one defined by

It’s time for decentralization. Not “revolution.”

Read the linked article below. Really, there is no “logic.” And it ain’t about the “republic” or “democracy.” It’s only, and always, about power. “That is the Progressives’ affirmation of superior worth, to be pursued by exercising dominance: superior identity affirmed via the inferior’s humiliation. It is an inherently endless pursuit… “This is our revolution:

Separation of Money and State

This is arguably the most important story to all of us. It’s certainly the most under-discussed. Despite all the noise and distractions and identity politics, etc., and all of our personal pet issues, one thing we all have in common is that we are NOT in control of our money. Love Trump, hate Trump, love

John Lennon’s Birthday

Were he still alive, John Lennon would be 78 today. One often over-looked aspect of his life and work was his withering antagonism of the state. Many believe his criticism of “The Monster” to be the real reason Lennon was murdered. The article below was written 3 years ago, when Obama was still president. Predictably,